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Mobile application, who does not just love them? We now that smartphones app is all about app
The amazing thing about smartphone is the contribution factors to addiction, which is the ability to receive notifications and check messages at a whim. This is especially true for emails, which fly into your inbox all the daylong.
Today we are going to browse the between the best android email app to see other options of Email apps these apps are all free so, why not? If you check email on the go, you should really consider these apps.
First we are going to start with the amazing Gmail…!!

Best Android Email App

First, we should know that Gmail app is the official Android app for interfacing with Gmail, which isn’t much of a surprise since the app is developed by Google themselves. A lot of Google’s designer the way of thinking revolves around the idea of minimalism and whitespace, and the Gmail app brings a lot of that to the table. It’s very well designed, easy to navigate, clean, and pleasant to look at.
The feature set is not all too impressive and there are not too many features in it After all,
We know that Google doesn’t put many flashy features in their software. However, the app I gues have everything the user need like multiple account management, notifications, labels, attachments and other features.
What I love about Gmail is the interface for viewing an email chain. It’s worth to say that the app tracks conversations in the same way as the Gmail does. We can also navigate between messages within a 
 conversation in an easy way In my opinion, among the best android email app is Gmail  ^_^
download from here

Best Android Email App

Yahoo one day was one of the leading free email companies.But when Gmail came to the field Yahoo kind of step aside a little bit.
Yahoo! Mail is still alive and they have gone through a few bad times over the years, and I guess some people are still using their Yahoo! accounts because they do keep their Android app updated.
I tested the Yahoo app, I was first struck by the difficulty I had in using it. But the app wasn’t ugly at all. In fact, I found the gray-and-purple scheme nice and calming. The theme is clean and modern and I would totally use it if it weren’t for the poorly designed layout.
Yahoo app has few buttons with recognizable icons, but they’re placed in weird spots that aren’t very intuitive. For example, I thought the “back arrow” button would return me to the previous screen but it replied instead. A “down arrow” in the top bar should’ve brought a new menu down, but it navigated to the next email. Small things like that made the experience a little hard to learn.
Now, email apps don’t have very high learning curves in general, so keep in mind that Yahoo! Mail isn’t 
difficult to use at all. But compared to other email apps it’s not that good
download from here.

Best Android Email App

Aqua Mail supports multiple email services, including Gmail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail. However, if you use your own email server, you can still use Aqua Mail. If you use many different email accounts and want to synchronize them under one app, Aqua Mail is perfect for this job.
Account creation is very simple and the Smart Inbox feature is awesome. Basically, it aggregates all of your unread inbox messages into a single inbox so you can browse through them quickly and painlessly at your leisure. Other great features include widgets and lots of settings customization.
The downside to Aqua Mail is that the free version, while unlimited in length, limits you to 2 accounts and adds a promotional signature to all outbound emails. If you want to upgrade to Pro version, it’ll cost you $4.95 USD.
download from here

Best Android Email App

K-9 Mail is another multi-service email app that supports multiple accounts. On first glance, it looks too primitive to be useful, but after using it for a while, you can really begin to appreciate the way it designed. Account setup was easy (it automatically detected my Gmail settings).
The interface is designed to maximize the amount of information you can see on the screen without leaving you confused and lacking options. There are a TON of customizable features and you can alert the way messages are displayed. Even though the inbox shows each email individually, you can easily go from one email to the next in the conversation with one button.
The coolest aspect about K-9 Mail is that it’s a community-developed project. There’s a group of people dedicated to improving the app and they’re open to bug reports and feature suggestions.
download from here

Best Android Email App

If you’re looking for minimal Android email app, I don’t know if it gets any more minimal than MailDroid. Underneath that simplicity, however, there’s a good amount of power in features and performance.
MailDroid is a multi-service app that can handle multiple email accounts. Unfortunately, as much as I searched, I couldn’t find a way to unify the accounts under one unified inbox. On the other hand, it does support combining multiple emails into conversations, which makes it a lot easier to read through big chains.
It’s definitely a powerful app: you can do a lot in terms of signature control, full WYSIWYG editor, split screen support for tablets, and you can also create Quick Responses, which allow you to set up a number of template responses in case you make the same replies over and over again.
The only black side is that the free version is ad-supported and the Pro version costs $17.99 USD.
To conclude,
We talked about five email apps no it’s your turn to choose what is suitable for your taste and your needs. Before you make a decision, you’ll need to try them out and see if they fit your needs.
download from here

this is the Best Android Email App enjoy..!!

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