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Mypeople Messenger for Android

Mypeople Messenger for Android

Mypeople Messenger for Android it’s one of the best applications in terms of capabilities and ease of work is a serious contender for Lotus in August and a serious candidate for the tango and a serious candidate for the Viper also. Denotes a multi- application and a very strong competitor.

With the application mypeople Messenger for Android. You can make free Internet phone calls, and you can make video calls directly, as the tango and you can chat with friends.

You can also send pictures and video clips of any size was less than 200 Mega friends and you can have
Mypeople Messenger for Android
conversations with all collective constraints as work Alots August or talk to someone at your discretion.

There are two versions of the software version of the iPhone here mypeople Messenger for iPhone and another version of the iPad here mypeople Messenger for Android and the next will be better.

Requirements to run the program mypeople Messenger for Android:

Android 2.1 liter
Mypeople Messenger for Android

About the program: mypeople Android4.5.1 Messenger video and voice talking and writing for Android
Business application
application of the page
Added 14/11/2013
Version 4.5.1 video interviews and voice and writing for Android
Freeware license
Size 14 MB

Compatible with Android system

Messaging Service, VoIP and video calls: Contact carriage on mypeople! ENJOY unique stickers pay illustrate All - YOUR Conversations with Your friends!

? Messaging Service and Free Unlimited Calls!
ENJOY of instant discussion, group discussion of Free calls and video calls in HD (via Wi -Fi Only) mypeople on Quality!
Shop All services offers ARE carriage and without publicity.
All round the users can Enjoy mypeople much as they want anywhere in the world!
Over 700 different stickers Free!
THEY ARE cute, unique and totally free. In addition to the animated THEY ARE! Our stickers will YOUR conversations
Living well and more fun. In addition, coat, these small stickers super cute phone ARE totally Free! "

Stay Connected wherever you go! PC / mobile REAL TIME
Your conversations and Your VOICE calls and video can be converted for REAL TIME PC to PC and PC to mobile!
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